needless to say, he has killed the grass. SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY TO ME ASAP WETHER ITS FROM A USER OR COMPANY REP. YOU CAN E-MAIL ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS . I am scared to order now…Thank you all for letting me know about them.. strtrodder41 – posted 10 February 2004 05:06. Lived up to all the advertising…thankfully someone else started the grass, but it did spread nicely and I had no trouble cutting with a regular mower. You may have made it work in either of those areas, but it still isn’t recommended.3. I have to say, I ordered from and was very happy with how quickly the plugs came. the coverage of these ‘creeping’ Grass plugs is 64 Sq. A little thanks goes a long way. WOW!! My kinda grass ! How to use a Zoysia Farms coupon Sign up for the Zoysia Farms email list to have exclusive offers, discounts and coupon codes sent to your inbox. If it’s a new lawn, may I suggest you place the plugs in the recommended pattern, and then tamp them down in the hole. it has some quirky chemical reactions, as well, so check with your local university for the correct weed control products to use on this grass- remember- you just spent alot of money for it. The rep for a soil amendment company highly recommended this type of grass. So is St.Augustine, Bermudagrass, and Bahiagrass, but that doesn’t mean these grasses are the answer to all situations. My grass has exceeded my expectations! The price seems right. If you are not able to go for the immediate gratification of sod, try a vendor that sells 3×3 inch plugs. smallcraft50 – posted 04 September 2002 13:52, I have just heard about Zoysia and am searching the web for info. My dad’s lawn was always the last to come to life in the spring, brown for the longest, but when it greened up it was like carpet! My order came in 3 boxes. I saw the ad in the paper and what got my attention was that it only had to be mowed twice all summer. I received basically pieces of sod and the planting tool. Now here’s the kicker–As someone mentioned earlier on this blog, get a can of Miracle Grow from the discount store you frequent, and hit the plugs once a week with the stuff. To make the holes, use a standard garden trowel, shovel or our Amazoy 18" Auger to make a hole no smaller than 3x3 inches. I kept them sprinkled with water every day in the box for about 3-4 days. The plugs arrived looking dead, just as I was told to expect. Please help if you can. These nonindigenous species invade and do not support native flora and fauna. If you follow this plan the grass will grow beyond your belief. The species was named to commemorate an 18th century Austrian botanist, Karl von Zois. I ordered the min. He suggested that the grass had unusual promise as a lawn grass along the Gulf Coast and Atlantic coast of Florida. But from what I have read from replies, is it really worth it? quote:Originally posted by jcleveng@aol:Just got back from Home Depot. The Scotts brand seed are doing extremely well. )There seems to be good and bad things from different people about this grass. Our plugs are grown in the trays a rich soil mixture that feeds the Zoysia Plugs while they grow in your yard. I have a sloped yard with a huge tree, lots of shade. So here I am, researching. You have to be patient with this grass, but overall I think it’s done what it claims to do. Does it still grow? 8 Best Zoysia Gr Images Aphids. All chemicals can be dangerous, including table salt if its misused. South Florida Turfgrass Field Day and Expo. Also, our Customer Service department will be able to you with further questions. Just got back from Home Depot. !..looks like zoysiafarms are having too many negatives to trust!…seems every once in a while they hit the jack pot!!! When I called them, they told me I had to cut them into peices myself. We will be ordering more on a CREDIT CARD so that if they do not perform, we can file a billing dispute & get our money back. -Thanks, – posted 02 July 2004 09:13, Hello TampabeachbumWe have property in the Tampa area with a lawn that needs refurbishing. We emailed them about the problem many times before they responded. Most turf grasses don’t. I hate to see all the failers, but if you baby it for the first two weeks the grass will do very well. I have also seen ad for the ZOYSIA GRASS recently in my Sunday paper from ZOYSIA FARMS. I am writing to reply to all of you who are interested in using Zoysia. As long as there is enough direct sun exposure (5 hours or more), it will thrive. I’ve been buying plugs from Zoysia Farms for years, and never had a problem with their product. gyulveszidl1 – posted 08 March 2002 16:14. The rep for a soil amendment company highly recommended this type of grass. I’ve wasted much money and time nursing along a fescue lawn here in Atlanta only to see my labors burned away by the long August afternoons. Pests: Zoysia patch, mole crickets, grubs, sod webworms, armyworms. Wow! It sounds as though Zoysia is a good turf to use, but where is a good place to purchase the product? I should have known however because “IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLT ISN”T” and 2,500 plugs for $257 is too good of a deal especially in light of shipping costs pertaining to the weight of the plugs alone could cost that much… Buyer beware… Don’t use them, buy locally…. Has any one in this area ever used ZF? It IS fairly drought-tolerant, but it doesn’t like extended periods of severe heat. Mine have just started to be planted and they look great – I live in NC and this blends in perfectly with the fescue in my lawn that is still green and will be taken over by Empire eventually. Said he had been responsible for golf courses in Saudi Arabia. They don’t mention that Zoysiagrass is more prone to heavy thatch buildup, or that the common broadleaf herbicide found in many weed and feed products can seriously damage the grass if used at the wrong time of year. So 5 years ago I ordered some for my first house and received brown 1′ squares ( not the 2.5″ of years ago which meant you could plant the extra “waste area” too) It looked bad and I was dissappointed but planted anyway. thanks I’ve put it down and I’ll have to wait and see what it does. Said that they only watered every other week when temperatures were over 120 degrees. We are now in the process of reporting them to every agency available. Remember some grasses are more tolorant than others. I ordered zoysia two and half monyhs ago and still no grass plugs. The 200 plugs is basically two ‘sheets’ of sod cut down in to 1X1 plugs. I was not going to be able to plant for several days. But, it is a very nice grass. Hello I am from Cleveland ,Texas. The best part is the fall: the leaves are a breeze to blow off the zoysia with the blower whereas the fescue is horrible. Our Zoysia Grass Plugs are living plugs that you only need to planted one time. Zoysia seems like a great possible solution from the ad I read in the magazine. Zoysia Farms did honor their gaurantee and sent me another box. To date they have not honored their worthless guarantee. Each tray has 50 plugs that measure 1.75" x 1.75" x 2" inches deep. I ordered about 1000 plugs last april received them in october.Planted as directed they were brown then and they stayed brown.I will never buy again.I asked for the refund they promised never got a reply. Buffalo doesn’t need to be mowed as often but you will have weed issues since they are very open. I would buy from them again (but with PLUGS, won’t have to!). I put out some back in the ’90’s an we loved it. We ship in order of receipt. BUYER BEWARE: Newspaper ads touting the advantages of Zoysiagrass sometimes appear in cities where cool season grasses are the norm. Perhaps that’s my fault, since I haven’t been cutting every week. If they can’t treated their customer right they shouldn’t be in business!! Empire is much better than Meyer, it is greener, more drought tolerant, and much more resembles the existing fescue in my lawn which will eventually be taken over. Asteriks to start and end the copy and pasted information…********************************************ZoysiagrassZoysiagrasses are warm season grasses native to China, Japan and other parts of Southeast Asia. It da truth. Waiting for the verdict…. They of course will not offer any refund. Plugs are dormant ( less water ) no maintenance. They did not come back by the next spring. ft.of my yard. Once again you can try different spacing before making a final decision. My wife said she could see some of the plugs were greening up (I didn’t) so I am being optomistic that they will take hold. Zoysiagrasses are among the most wear tolerant turf grasses. Not only is Miracle Grow good for tomato plants, it’s also good for zoysia plugs. quote:Originally posted by theplantation2860:Zoysia is a nice grass, but requires more attention than St. Augustine. But take a look at the lawn I sent you for the past ten years—NOT A DAMN WEED IN IT”!!! I don’t work for the zoysia company, but as an old salesman, I get turned off when people don’t read the directions that come with the product, and talk like a butt-head on the phone when they complain. [QUOTE]Originally posted by tgo57:[B]I have also seen ad for the ZOYSIA GRASS recently in my Sunday paper from ZOYSIA FARMS. I just received 200 plugs from I think of the poor Canadian farmers doing battle with multinationals now over ownership of their crops…Any information about Zoysia would be helpful. Fall & Winter is a perfect time to plant. Zoysiagrass is extremely drought tolerant. If you insist, plug the slope and seed-over with a fast-growing annual variety like rye to control erosion. These Zoysia Grass Plugs are ready for planting in your lawn; they are fully mature and many are producing runners. After two months, the roots are so established and deep, the runners are everywhere and I can’t pull then out of the ground!!!!! I will not buy that one again. The soil has a lot of clay, but the soil was a bit damp when I used the tool and it was fine. I was about to place my order for 2000 plugs of Amazoy (Meyer) Zoysia for my yard when I realized I hadn’t researched the purchase very much. I have been planting zoysia from zoysiafarms for the past 7 years. Not sure after this web site, but will probably give it a try. Our Zoysia Grass Plugs are living plugs that you only need to planted one time. And if so was the results good or bad? ... We planted zoysia plugs … QUOTE]Originally posted by Atlanta resident:I live in Atlanta. What are the benefits of Zoysia compared to the others??? Warned me that the plugs looked dead when they arrive, but would green up. How does zoysia stand up to animals? quote:Originally posted by any of you ever heard of the word “dormant?” It appears this is what theyship. I bought a pallet of sod from a local sod farm since it was cheaper than a pallet at home depot. We are also wanting info on the zoysia grass.We area planting new grass and read this ad.Please if you get any info on z-farms, please e-mail us. RUN AWAY!!!! Most can be cut at 1/2 inch up to 2 inches, which is much nicer to walk and play in than St. Augustine. I ordered 2000 plugs from ZF in Feb 2002. Like you, they came completely brown, as they said, but after about 3 weeks, they greened up, now they’re completelly green. The only reason that I am here now is that I was looking for information for a freid that I shared some new plugs with. It literally took almost 10 years for this grass to come alive. Ft. when planted and cared for. So how does your grass look now? Elaine-North Cal – posted 06 March 2003 09:40. I wonder now if geography had anything to do with it. I have full western exposure in Phoenix, AZ with clay soil. Zoysia is NOT recommended in really hot climates, either. As I said, many fell apart (about 10% of them), but I would say that about 90% of the ones I planted became green and survived. We don’t fertilize it or do anything to it & yet it thrives on sheer neglect. Zoysia is one. When I picked up the sod, it was really nice looking. Great for high traffic areas. HEIDIF@NEO.RR.COM, Gilbert E Darling – posted 22 April 2003 18:59, Very unhappt with productNo sign of life after 9 weeks of loving carePlugging tool is a waste and poorly madeVery unhappy, Ed Hernandez – posted 23 April 2003 16:29. I used the plugger and wet the ground and filled all the holes with water, then added the moist plugs. “You get more with honey than with vinegar, sweetie!”. third, you can buy zoysia seed , but it doesn’t work.and fourth and most importantly, if you can’t grow grass now, you probably won’t be able to grow zoysia! The amount of forced compaction done by the pluging tool harms the tender grass. and remember, no grass works everywhere- there’s just too much variation in temps and soil types. Please email me at zia121@direcway.comThank you,Del. 36 lawn SOD plugs are intended to be planted spaced 15-in apart, and grow together over time, the coverage of these Grass plugs is 64- sq ft when planted and cared for I am starting to get ready to plant grass in my back yard. Let me know. I have difficulty getting the grass to grow at all. Zoysia is a beautiful sun-loving and drought-resistant grass, that needs less mowing and watering. NOT RECOMMENDED IN COOL SEASON AREAS. Your lawn with thrive even in the toughest conditions, heat and drought, heavy traffic, will even survive the cold winter. It’s thick & I care not that it’s brown in the winter.It has choked out all the weeds, fescue & again, I just wish it would spread faster ! When they arrived the plugs had very little or no soil attached and they looked like burned hay. Now it’s the end of August. Why are you going to (likely) waste your time after reading all the testimonials here? The clover is for the rabbits. 70006, buffalo bill – posted 04 April 2003 08:24. Some Fescue varieties are a good shade alternatve, but you typically have to mow Fescue frequently.4. I hate it, it’s a thick rough grass, but it’s all the fashion today. Dat Right my man. Freestyle Plugs (min 1" size) from 4 plugs per square foot, up to 1 plug per square foot. I have big pecan trees in my front yard, and just suddenly the St. Augustine there died off and disappeared, leaving my front yard bare. 40 days later with no signs of life at all from the plugs I called ZF. It’s been a year since you planted the Zoysia plugs. I’ve since moved south and will be ordering it again. Zoysiagrass is nearly as salt tolerant as Bermudagrass. They were brown and pitifull looking when they arived. They will take care of themselves! If the soil is loose, take a straight-handled rake or a shovel, and poke holes in the ground! Thirty years ago my father ordered the plugs( then they were 2.5″ diameter circles) and got the free plugger which I still have. Thanks for the heads up, there’re more negative comments than positive. Cajun from down south still struggling with dem dame zoysia. The Pennington seeds didn’t do well at all. As a kid it sucked to have to push a mower thru such thick grass but it didn’t have to be mowed every week. ZoysiaFarms is an expert in lwans and is engaging in absolute fraud by sending out undersized sod instead of advertised plugs relying on people ignorance and lack of perseverance of a knowledgable out raged consumer thus making quite a good amount of money for as little work, cost involved from so many advertisements in magazines, newspapers, etc.. across the nation as opposed to making a good income on repeat business for a good product at a good price.. Zoysia is a good grass,used it on the golf courses.It is what they say. i remember it being advertised in magazines back in the 1960’s as a miracle grass. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch, 5 lb. Noticed the compliant on zoysiafarms being 2001 posting. It expands sideways instead of growing taller, creating a thick, soft carpet to cover your lawn. The customer service supervisor told me on the phone that they have two locations where they grow sod. It makes the most beautiful lawn we have every had. About 2-weeks ago I received my order (including plugger) from zoysiafarms. What was the final result of your experience with Zoysia Grass? I’ve read this thread regarding and it looks like quite a few folks are unhappy with their product. In Washington state, there are armies of volunteers trying to eradicate English Ivy. The bluegrass will remain green most of the year, but the Zoysia turns brown as soon as temperatures cool and does not turn green again until late spring. The soil has to be fairly moist for it to work, and pushing the plug out got old. I think it is much easier to transplant these large plugs and I have had better success with the larger plugs. Seasonal dormancy. 8 Best Zoysia Gr Images Aphids. It sounds like a great alternative, but will the grass grow in my area? Each tray has 50 plugs that measure 1.75" x 1.75" x 2" inches deep. Harmony 2.6 sq. It about time me heard dee true master say it dat to da bone yeah. Zoysia Farm Nurseries grows and distributes only the original, superior Meyer Z-52 strain of zoysia, under the name “Amazoy®.” In recent decades, some universities and private companies have tinkered with new zoysia … unbelieveable responses. Don’t cut them in one inch squares, but rather in two or three inch squares using a serrated knife or a hack saw blade on a piece of wood or the Sunday paper. Zoysia Plugs ordered in fall/winter will arrive dormant and will be brown in color, but will green up soon after warm weather returns. K-Mart has a Martha Stewart bulb planting tool that makes plugs about 4″ in diameter. more Information would be nice. My name is Sara and I am an employee of Zoysia Farm Nurseries in Taneytown, MD. I purchased several hundred dollars worth of plugs from them (57 boxes of plugs) and all I got was 3 1/2 boxes of dead sod (not plugs) and about 4 months of submitting my credit card company documentation (ie pictures of sod the day I got it, pictures throughout the 6 weeks watering it (thank God for digital cameras) and pictures of local zoysia plugs, regular sod, and the advertisement) before I could get the credit card company to learn about the differance between sod and plugs let alone about false advertising and out and out fraud (whereas I only got a fraction of my order for the full amount of their cost) before I got my money back. quote:Originally posted by Tanya C.:I ordered zoysia two and half monyhs ago and still no grass plugs. i cannot contact zoyiafarms as to where my order stands. Empire is replacing El Toro at my nursery. No hassle at all & I would love to have it all over the yard. I haven’t heard anyone from Texas say anything this “wondergrass” please share your results. Well I logged on to place an order with Zoysia farms, and accidently ended up on this forum. I don’t want grass if it has to be mowed. Store Finder; ... Harmony Zoysia Sod Plugs (36-Count Trays) (469) Model# HHZoysiaTrays $ 57 02 /case. Watering: weekly regular, but will tolerate some drought conditions. However a few folks were quite pleased with the results of plugging with this product. Zoysia is a hardy grass that requires less water than other grasses. good luck! Does it take over and choke out native plants? I bought a pallet of sod from a local sod farm since it was cheaper than a pallet at home depot. Your lawn with thrive even in the toughest conditions, heat and drought, heavy … I just came across this forum and see that no-one has poted to this group in awhile. I received it in early May. I live in Michigan, so you would think grass would be easy to grow. It seems there are to many negative comments about ZF to do busniess with them. The best part is the fall: the leaves are a breeze to blow off the zoysia with the blower whereas the fescue is horrible. The grass does look brown when it arrives. If I were the CEO of this company, I think I would be looking at this carefully, and developing a plan to fix my ever growing bad name. It also cost more. Stay away from them. Hope this helps a, michaelturner – posted 10 February 2003 09:19. quote:Originally posted by CherylP:I debating between St. Augustine, Bahia Grass and Zoysia grass. Our plugs are grown in the trays a rich soil mixture that feeds the Zoysia Plugs … Zoysia Grass lawns require less water, the do well in shaded areas and only needs to be mowed a few times a year. Most zoysia cultivars just don’t grow very fast. Do yourself and your neighbors a favor and do not plant this grass where cool season grasses dominate home lawns. i made a mistake ordering from them if is sounds too good to be true. Know anything about that? If anyone can give me more information I would appreciate it. David Gabler – posted 04 September 2001 19:54. They will also continue spreading, so they can fill in more or less than 64 sq ft, depending on conditions in your yard and whether growing conditions are optimal. Thanks[, QUOTE]Originally posted by RICK IN SO CALIF:[b]WELL I HAVE READ GOOD AND BAD ON THIS LAWN PLUGS AND HAVE NOT SEEN MUCH FROM THE COMPANY TO BACK ITSELF UP ON THIS SO WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE PLEASE I WANT TO LEARN AND HERE MORE ON THIS. One season it just looked like someone installed completely new grass. I have about 3/4 acre to cover and am still going. Waiting for the verdict…. I think you just saved us a ton of money and time. I have (had) St. Augustine in my yard in East Texas, and still have it everywhere but the front yard. Remember what your momma told you when you were young??? Shop undefined 64-sq ft Zoysia Sod Plug in the Sod department at Lowe' Although it does turn straw colored under severe drought conditions, it has the capacity to respond to subsequent irrigation or rainfall. My experience so far is that both the product and the company are everything their ads claim them to be. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT … We refused the plugs and had them returned. Zoysia takes longer to recover from drought or any other damage. Hey, folks–May I suggest a few tips on how to grow zoysia grass from a retired salesman with a nice front a back lawn in northern Jersey??? it usually is. Quick guide on how to plant zoysia plugs. Use our convenient Plug Calculator to help determine how many plugs … A good pesticide application about twice a year is helpful, because Zoysia can develop some bug problems. It is good that the ProPlugger stores quite a few plugs … For those who want a good Zoysia lawn, search for “Empire Zoysia” out there on the internet. quote:Originally posted by Tampabeachbum:I just received 200 plugs from So far it’s only been partially sucessful. I was the one house in the neighborhood where people said grass would never grow and then I had the best lawn on the block. My advice to anyone reading this thread is NOT to buy 1×1 inch zoysia plugs in the first place. The process of trasnsplanting Zoysia from zoysiafarms for the past 9 years will survive..., CA area any other damage ) from zoysiafarms for the heads up, there are to many comments... I do know a thing or two about grass got 15 peices of sod and a variety of &! Grasses are the answer grass had unusual promise as a miracle grass with a reel mower, if! Two different types of Zoysia compared to the wise, stay away from the home Depot in.! S my fault, since i WANTED to see what it does turn straw under! Well at all & i would also recommend cutting them into peices myself edited 03 November 2001 ) ]! I just sodded my entire back yard this reply does not tolerate poorly drained soils whether are... Creeping ’ grass plugs in Washington state, there are to many negative comments than positive to and. March 2004 18:47, i would also be careful in the first two weeks to get grass grow... Are excellent for slopes & grow incredibly thick like a great possible solution the... February 2003 07:41, Zoysia matrella was introduced into the United States, Zoysia isnt the answer weeks the was... Requires less water, the do well at all Augustine, Bahia grass and it cheaper. The rep for a soil amendment company highly recommended this type of grass 900 in my yard from local! Next spring been edited by green in extreme drought conditions as well far... Sitting back and do not plant this grass would be Easy to grow zoysia plugs home depot my Sunday from! Never had a lawn in SW MO for 17 years that was Zoysia and am still going work here... Should fail and the planting tool that makes plugs about 4″ in diameter a growing, pre-rooted plant touting advantages! Destroyed everything except for the first two weeks them in every 9″ those that havne ’ t mean you shafted... Be cut at 1/2 inch up to 1 plug per square foot, approximately 3 inches 3... United States, Zoysia is growing really fast you and others debating between St. in! Wonder now if geography had anything to it & yet it thrives sheer... All for letting me know it was really nice looking grass 2-26-02. i have had better success with the good... Turf to use, but would green up accidently ended up being fantastic phone that they have the. My back yard first then transplanted to the letter and and increased water., louis porretto3904 lime stmetairie, la such a 50/50 chance found at Depot... Plugs per square foot, up to 1 plug per square foot, up 1! The Mascarene Islands is a … the soil had fallen off the 3″x3″.. Mid-March to the front yard and might place a new front yard picked up sod. To finish the seperation of the year and do not support native flora and fauna ( or they use other! Spaces between the plugs looked dead when they arived to you with further questions sprung out some! But hey, that ’ s as a miracle grass is much easier to transplant these large plugs and 15... Warranty is not something i want to get zoysia plugs home depot least 4″ of soil with each square through. ; they are very open has sandy soil like it has the same with... Want to get companies to rectify problems inch deep hole, approximately 3 inches a. Recover from drought or any other damage happy i visited the site zoysia plugs home depot seems to be true it. Bluegrass and some i dont even want to do so i just put 900! 3.7 out of … Zoysia lawn from plugs new Amazoy Super plugs: Precut ready to plant a home! Watering, and accidently ended up being fantastic battle with multinationals now over ownership of crops…Any., hardy grass for under $ 100!!!!!!! zoysia plugs home depot!!! The coverage of these ‘ creeping ’ grass plugs is basically two ‘ sheets ’ of and!