Being close to the cliffs overlooking the river, the elevation is the main thing to watch out for. The newest PUBG Mobile map, ‘Vikendi’, is still in beta. You’re not going to find the most lucrative loot on the island here, but its unique layout and two-dozen structures should offer a fairly diverse loot pool and plenty of alleyways to slip in and out of to remain safe and undetected. A natural choke is an obvious option for a strategic advantage. Continue with our PUBG Mobile Updated Weapons guide, you can find some weapon specific tips in that article. Guns will come quick and easy here. The flare guns can spawn anywhere on the map. Vikendi map part of PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update Will release December 20 Available in beta on Monday The mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will … If you’re wanting to know how to play PUBG mobile and win more gun fights, take a look at the tips we’ve listed in this guide. This is a denser map so tight combat odds are higher, no wonder why you encounter more sub-machine guns and shotguns frequently here. The newest PUBG Mobile map, ‘Vikendi’, is still in beta. Villa, situated in the middle of the map, is the so-called heart of the Vikendi. Here you have some more great gameplay of PUBG Mobile (pubgm) Hope you enjoy this video, and if you do remember to like this video and subscribe! Confira as novidades da versão 0.10 de PUBG Mobile >>Veja como baixar e jogar AGORA na versão de testes chinesa<< – Novo Mapa da Neve. You can refer to our PUBG Mobile Maps Guide to find out more about other maps. Try to stay on the high ground whenever possible. VIEWS. Well, we are not sure when it will come out of beta, but we can still take a closer look at it and tell you everything you need to know about this map. PUBG Mobile 90fps Guide – Which Devices Support 90fps? PUBG corporation has launched this map from December 7, 2018. by MMG Staff. This snowy island offers dynamic gameplay and lots of close-quarter combat opportunities. O PUBG Mobile, após a completa atualização do Halloween, recebe um novo e consistente patch que, além de disponibilizar alguns novos recursos, prepara o jogo de Battle Royale para a chegada do Vikendi, o seu novo mapa nevado com 6x6 km, no qual vai lutar com novas armas, pode embarcar no novo snowmobile e na ilha de spawn vai participar de uma divertida luta de bolas de neve. 5. Well, we are not sure when it will come out of beta, but we can still take a closer look at it and tell you everything you need to know about this map. That means anything could change from now until release. Villa is often a hot-drop location on the map Vikendi because this central town is usually located inside the playing zone. This Vikendi (Season 7) map overhaul was released on Test Server April 14th, 2020. Vikendi is a snow map with the size of 6x6. Recently, PUBG Mobile received an update which added the Vikendi map that was only available on PC a couple of weeks earlier. The loot in this centrally-set villa is amazing, and three PUBG Mobile squads can easily out this … O mapa Vikendi será um cenário com neve e 6 x 6 KM. This is literally a castle that is located on top of a small island, surrounded by a lake. You might like to have a vikendi map because here you will enjoy a lot of beautiful settlements and loot. How To Clear PUBG Mobile Villa Recently, PUBG Mobile received an update which added the Vikendi map that was only available on PC a couple of weeks earlier. Are you an adrenaline junkie who wants to start shooting other players right after touching the ground? It is also close to most of the “hot spots” on the map, so Goroka is always crowded and filled with bloodthirsty rivals. This interface has all the practicality and ease of... Want to know everything there is to know about weapons in PUBG mobile? Let’s start with the best loot places: Afterward, we will examine specific regions and give you tips and tricks about Vikendi. Lugares chave de Vikendi. Sanhok - PUBG MOBILE. Getting a hold of some loot will help give you and your team an advantage over opponents. The best areas to start the game will be determined according to your play style. PUBG Corp participated in the The Game Awards (2018) and had a World Premier CGI trailer of Vikendi, later on that night Vikendi ended up being playable on the Test Server customer and later on that month on December 19th, Vikendi ended up being readily available on the live customer on PC. Again, the best advice we can give is to play the game on BlueStacks: To be able to use mouse and keyboard gives you the biggest advantage. Again, we do not recommend using sniper rifles for this but it is your call: If you believe that you will be able to reload the weapon before other players reach you, go ahead. The PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map download size is 134.2MB on Android and iOS. SHARES. The port means boats are ready to whisk you away to other parts of the map, while cars and two garages get easily help with a more land-based getaway. You can follow the road around in one of the many vehicles all around the edge, but running through will provide plenty of cover if needed. Effective as of this morning, PUBG Mobile now has the fourth map for Classic Mode live, and available to play. Vikendi is a 6×6 snow map and is a breath of fresh air for those who were tired of playing on the same old maps. In this guide, we’ll go over the different... © 2020 BlueStacks name and logo are registered trademarks of Bluestack Systems, Inc. PUBG Mobile Update Vikendi Map – PUBG 0.10.0 Update. It’s probably the easiest place to find one of the Godzilla crossover shirts, too. But there are some places where the chances of getting a flare gun are much higher. Since then, though, PUBG Mobile has introduced Livik — a quaint, Eastern European-inspired landscape filled with flowers, meadows, and waterwheels. Podvosto. PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map: Best Gun Combination. However, this fact also makes this place the perfect starting point for lone wolves – you can turn yourself into a war machine without worrying about other players and pick up the leftovers. The two vehicles on either side of the main bridge is like something you’d see in a Cold War spy flick. BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. Also Read: PUBG Mobile: Free Redeem Codes Of 2020 This guide is the place you need to be. Vikendi é um meio termo entre os enormes mapas de Erangel e Miramar com Sanhok, o pequeno inferno verde, com 6x6 Km de área. July 19, 2020. in Battle Royale Games, Gaming News, Pubg Mobile. Three boats along its shore will allow for an entire squad to quickly make their way around the outer perimeter of the map. The first safe area is smaller on this map and not too many players are aware of this. With the addition of a cave in Podvosto, the loot percentage at this place has got buffed … Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map is now out. Here are tips and game tactics to clear Villa and get Chicken Dinner on this PUBG Mobile snow map. This dense town is filled to the brim to multi-story villas, brickwork, and guns. It will be easy to collect all the necessary weapons and armor – you don’t need to wander the map aimlessly just to find a lousy weapon as you did in Erangel. 466. Winter has arrived to the battlegrounds. If you are dropping in Vikendi, there are a lot of good places to drop into and get a good amount of loot for squads. One of the more interesting places to wrap up a PUBG Mobile match, Dobro Mesto is Vikendi’s biggest hub. VIKENDI MAP ... G36C SNOW BIKE PP-19 BIZON SNOW MOBILE FOOTPRINT. PUBG corporation has launched this map from December 7, 2018. Vikendi is enveloped in dense/thick forest and another aspect of the island is its warm Mediterranean coastline and snowy mountains in the central area of the map . These are the 4 best locations where you can find quality loot on Vikendi map that can help you in surviving the battlefield in a better way throughout the match. Vikendi is divided into snowy lands and farm places. The second-smallest map, at 6 km by 6 km, features snowy terrain, multiple mountains, and hidden caves. No, seriously. in the game. An isolated Northern resort island in the shadow of Mount Kreznic, Vikendi was home to a wide variety of attractions, businesses and villages. PUBG Mobile released its “Resident Evil” update a short while ago and Vikendi is still listed as “beta”. There are a lot of city and other new stuff adding into this map. (In some cases BlueStacks uses affiliate links when linking to Google Play). In other words, Cosmodrome does not let you start fighting in seconds: You need to search for weapons. Volnova is one of my personal favorite hotspots in PUBG Mobile at this point. New Snow Map(Vikendi) In PUBG Mobile Technome December 08, 2018 Tags: PUBG tips. Looking for a safe haven from the Vikendi action, or would you rather get right to the point? PUBG Corp has confirmed the launch date and time of the new snow map Vikendi. In PUBG Mobile, Vikendi is a snow-covered map with a decent amount of loot. Best gun combinations should be selected on the bases of the map you are playing. Episode 1 Of The PUBG Mobile Documentary Series "Between The Battlegrounds" Is Released Ft. Zuxxy, Luxxy, MADTOI, MARTIN Which Is The Best Tablet For PUBG Mobile Under 10000 Rs In India? Located on the West Coast, this slightly crooked city burns bright on the loot heatmap. Castle is located in the middle of the river crossing the island of Vikendi.