Reaction Innovations Smallie Beaver 3.50 - Choice of Colors. what a great swimbait, this thing casts a mile and get vicious strikes! My favorite colors are Money shot green and violet. Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper Series DESCRIPTION. also works good on a 4/0 or 5/0 weightless EWG. I decided to tie on the Reaction Innovations Little Dipper. The Skinny Dipper can also be deadly fished on a Carolina rig over humps and creek channels with grass and brush. Comments: They work. Reaction Innovations Baits Sweet … Color: Watermelon/Green Pumpkin, Quantity Available: 4.9 out of 5 stars. Color: Money Shot Green, Item ID: RISD046 Reaction Innovations Spicy Beaver 6pk. They work when nothing else will. It can be fished in the same fashion as the Skinny Dipper, but will excel behind a fish head spinner such as a Fish Head Spin. I use it on a 5/0 tokar weightless swimbait hook and reel slow. | Colors: California 420, Hematoma, Houdini, Juicy, Junebug, Okeechobee Craw, Tramp Stamp | Item ID: RI7MW003, RI7MW008, RI7MW029, RI7MW071, RI7MW092, RI7MW094, RI7MW099 Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper Swimbait Paddle Tail 5in 7pk - Pick. I just caught a 5 pounder on one yeesterday. 4.1 out of 5 stars 13. Good product, just needs better packaging, Comments: Great swim bait when rigged with EWG hook swims true. California 420 is a lethal color that catches the most fish for me. Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20 Choose Color. Great bait From: Max: CT. 69. Reaction Innovations Smallie Beaver 3.50 10pk. Fall is moving bait season! Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. Our preferred rigging is with a 5/0 Owner twistlock hook, weighted or unweighted. Any way you rig em, they will work. Color: Low Blow, Quantity Available: 69. The little dipper can be fished in the same fashion as the skinny dipper, but will excel behind a fish head spinner such as a Sworming Hornet. 3 new & refurbished from $4.79. When you're faced with vegetation you can rig the Skinny Dipper weedless and swim it over grass beds or add weight to the hook and swim it through sumbmerged weeds. Skinny Dipper catches fish 365 Days/year! background-color: #000; It's black with red flake. Reaction Innovations is owned and operated out of Alabama, but Andre Moore is originally a Californian. Comments: bought a pack of these in low blow, action is amazing just a darker color than advertised, Comments: I bought this about a year ago in low blow, a absolutely bomb for trailers and slow rolling through the grass, but the colors were darker than what they advertised. Comments: this is an extremely versatile bait. But once I opened the package and took one of these baits out I could see they were a little different. The baits are heavy enough to cast on any gear. Caught the biggest bass of my life with these baits - 6lb largemouth! Color: Houdini, Item ID: RISD120 $5.19 19 Colors. background-color: #FFF; If you live in FL you should get Bitter's Naked Swimmer because it is cheaper and basically exact copy. $13.25 $ 13. Color: Pearl Blue Shad, Item ID: RISD040 font-weight: bold; $2.49 shipping. Color: Magic Craw Swirl, Item ID: RISD045 Comments: After getting over the name, and fishing it for a long time, it is easily my favorite swimbait, especially the white trash and perpetrator color, either on a belly wieghted hook, or a couple applications also it worked for me and caught me a lot of fish, and took them on a trip to Florida and they were even better there. When nothing else was hitting, these resurfaced in my tackle and I decided to give it a whirl. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. I love skinny dippers, one of the main things I use (and the only paddle tail). Color: Bubblegum, Quantity Available: Color: White Trash, Check out all our Reaction Innovations products here. Comments: So i order these for the first time thinking they would be better than the havoc version and i was right... for the two of the seven that were fishable! caught an 8 pounder on one of these today! The durability is great but decent depending on how big the fish your catching are. Designed to be rigged on a 4/0 or 5/0 worm hook, the skinny dippers are best on a straight cast and retrieve. #reactioninnovations #bassfishing #fishing #skinnydipper #sweetbeaver #spicybeaver . The best part about this bait is the versatility. Some of our favorite presentations are on Alabama rigs, Vibrating jig trailers and as a single swimbait rigged on a jighead. Guaranteed by Fri, Aug 14. They are heavy and substantial and hold up well, and it takes practice to get the hookset right (delay and wait and make sure the fish has it, then set the hook hard). Color: California 420, Item ID: RISD063 The durability and size of the Skinny Dipper allows a hook size up to a 6/0 superline hook. I use these and Keitech swing impact. ! #reactioninnovations #bassfishing #fishing #skinnydipper #sweetbeaver #spicybeaver . Our extensive color range will cover any situation you may encounter on the water. The bait catches fish in the grass, and it catches fish in the open water. No lie. } Color: Gold Digger, Item ID: RISD108 Reaction Innovations Man Bear Pig Choose Color. Slapped the Money Shot Violet color with a weighted Gamakatsu 3/8 oz size 5 hook and it instantly became a largemouth magnet! New from RI, these shad style swimbaits feature the beaver style rib pattern on the back, and have a slit in the belly for the hook. 4, Item ID: RISD031 What would you do with a rig like this?? At three and a half inches in length, this bait is an excellent choice when a finesse approach is a must. 0, Item ID: RISDBSSP body { $5.99. color: #FFFFFF; $5.29 39 Colors. Has been moved to "Go To" bait. Reaction Innovations Skinny Dippers have revolutionized the swimbait craze! Swims at slow speed casts a mile, great colors and I find they last a long time. Easily mended unless tail breaks. Comments: Superswim bait! Reaction Innovations Spicy Beaver 4.0 Choose Color. Comments: this is an awesome bait! Reaction Innovations Baits Skinny Dipper Dirty Sanchez 7ct New. Reaction Innovations Man Bear Pig Choose Color. 1, Item ID: RISD096 Caught fish on the slop, slow rolling, jerking & falling it on the weed line. Item ID: RISD125 height: 23px; I've done good in many high school tournaments using these. ,